Fried Gold Music Episode 57

January 4th, 2016

We're back!  Well, I'm back.  There's no we but its an automatic thing for me so.....that's the way it is.  Featuring:

The Lamplighters - Basement
Smokey Bastard - Baba Yaga
I Set The Sea On Fire - Tastes Like Funk
Savages - TIWYG
Beaumont - Boys and Girls
KLOE - Touch
Campbell L Sangster - Odds Are Stacked
Rah Rah - Diamond
El Vy - Need A Friend
Millie Manders - Teddy
Best Girl Athlete - Poppy (Live at North Hop)
Oranj Son - Psycho Disco Face
The Mystic Shoes - Funky Town
As mentioned in the show this one is dedicated to Michelle Campbell
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Fried Gold Music Episode 56

September 21st, 2015

Oink oink oink SQUEE #topical:

Rag N' Bone Man - Wolves
Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon
The Jackals - Ghost Soul Traffic
El Vy - Return To The Moon
Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts - Outta Town
Nicky Aiken - Think About You (live at North Hop)
Andrew R Burns and the Tropicanas - Pop Snuff-It
Damn Vandals - I Hate School
The Peach Kings - Mojo Thunder
Calming River - Art Of Wire
Darlingside - The Ancestor
Bud Sugar - Blinkin Thinkin
Paper Compass - Carolina
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No pigs were harmed in the making of this podcast

Fried Gold Music Episode 55

September 8th, 2015


Northern Uproar - Outlaws Robbing Trains
Diamond Days - Love Struck Kids
The Prettiots - Suicide Hotline
New York Tourists - Call
All Hat No Cat - Duck Street
Katie Mac - Minutes Into Hours
Tymon Dogg - Like I Used To Be
Margaret Finlayson - By My Side (Live at North Hop)
Angeline - Black Butterflies
Allusondrugs - Magic College
Beirut - Gibraltar
Alphabet Backwards - Trips
Autopsy Boys - Song For Debbera
Best Girl Athlete - Seven Seconds
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Fried Gold Music Episode 54

August 24th, 2015

Two slices of live goodness, one a track and the other an interview.  Here's what's in the show:

Aleks Grey - Unstoppable
Tony Steele And The Massacre - Starting From Scratch
Zurich - Chemical
Silverbird - Lyfe
Wilhelm Tell Me - Growing Younger
Melanie Crew - With You
My Cruel Goro - Clash
Mo Kenney - Telephones
The Creeping Ivies - What Would Joey Ramone Do?
Nicky Aiken And Best Girl Athlete - Girls (Little Kicks Cover record at North Hop)
The Electric Connection - Cry Of The Lone Wolf
John Otway Interview
Murdo Mitchell - Better Than Me
Pure Phase Ensemble 4 Featuring Mark Gardener - Doing My Head In
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Fried Gold Music Episode 53

August 17th, 2015

No live in this one but loads of that on the way!  Featuring:

Beyond The Break - The Way It Was
Sinead O'Connor - The Foggy Dew
Hackmonocut - Dead Born Sister
Alabama Shakes - Shoegaze
CLASSIC Laurel and Hardy - The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Icicle - Calma Calma
Orange Vision - Dark Around The Eyes
Micachu And The Shapes - Sad
Brigitte Aphrodite - Crescenderious
Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin
Abel Raise The Cain - Black Swans
High Tiny Hairs - Ghost Shadow
Ibeyi - Exhibit Diaz
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Fried Gold Music Episode 52

August 10th, 2015

New show with new features!  Every show will hopefully feature a track recorded live somewhere (this week it's from Belladrum 2015) and an old vinyl find.  Here's what I've got for you this episode:

Ancient River - This Is The Time
Tiger Cub - Destroy
Los Valldemosa En "Tagomago" - Na Catalina De Placa
Yo La Tengo - Friday I'm In Love
The Train Set - Stop Stalling (Sob Stories)
Cave Mouth - Deep Water
Declan Welsh - A Mixed Night (live at Bella)
Love Buzzard - $$Cash$$
Public Service Broadcasting - The Other Side
Space - Strange World
Skellums - Monsters
The Permanent Smilers - Ghosts
Ceremony - Bleeder
SOAK - B A Nobody
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Fried Gold Music Episode 51

June 29th, 2015

Now with intro!  Same crap host though.  Featuring:

Bearpark - Boxers
Horse Party - What I'd Do
Algiers - But She Was Not Flying
Eoin Glackin - Hello Caroline
The Memphis Dawls - Please Don't Leave Me Now
Billy Vincent - Across My Street
Biscuithead And The Biscuit Badgers - Queen Of The Roller Derby
Maff - Walking On Fire
Lewisburg - No Plateau
Tankus The Henge - Weather
Bourbon Street Beat - Crossing On A Bend
James Edwyn And The Borrowed Band - Across The Wooden Door
Rodney Cromwell - Black Dog
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Fried Gold Music Episode 50

June 22nd, 2015

50!  WOO!  YEAH! So for the 50th one I'm doing a normal bloody show cause it doesn't mean anything and every one is special, right?  Featuring:

Sid Innes - I Would
Kieran Leonard and the Horses - Underwood Milk
The Creeping Ivies - The Witch House
Close Talker - Heads
Kolo - Castro
We Ghosts - Final Curtain
Min Diesel- Kirk Session
Declan Welsh - Alright
Grounders - Secret Friend
Chelou - You're So Good
Closer - EMSC
Palma Violets - On The Beach
Rum Thief - Stitch In Time
Forrest - Mark's Song
Come back next week for 51 and on and on and on and....
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Fried Gold Music Episode 49

June 15th, 2015

One more and it's 50, woo!  Though technically it's past that cause of specials and stuff.  Anyway, in this episode:

The Cheap Thrills - Rusty
Select All Delete Save As - Nectar Of Instruction
Los and the Deadlines - Feel At Ease
The Gorgeous Chans - Marina and I
Coquin Migale - Socotra
The Marks Cartel - Take Me Home
Young Romance - Never Learn
Anthony Strong - Use Me
The Dropout Patrol - Feeding Ghosts
Vukovi - Boy George
Beirut - No No No
The Kut - I Want You Maniac
Clean Cut Kid - Vitamin C
My Igloo - Watch Out
Correction to crap joke, the Mysterons are bad guys in Captain Scarlette not Stingray
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Fried Gold Xpo North 2015 Day 2 Special

June 4th, 2015

The second in a series of two, what with there only being that many days of Xpo North.  This is (most of) the acts playing on Thursday 11/06/15.  Featuring:

Broken Boy - She Said
Best Girl Athlete - He's Calling Me Over
Pinact - In My Head
Finn Lemarinel - Lose
We Came From The North - Galena
Man Of Moon - The Road
Bite Night - Beers To Tears
The Mirror Trap - American Dreams
The Ragazzi - Denial
Crash Club - Jawbreaker
Bear Arms - Cities
Foreignfox - Frostbite
Gales - In The Morning
Redolent - Auburn And Lime
Sara Bills And The Hasbeens - Room With A View
Megan D - Don't Let Go
Josephine Sillars - February Has A Smoking Problem
Cara Mitchell - Coastlines
Spring Break - Degenerative Eloquence
Garden Of Elks - This Morning We Are Astronauts
Hector Bizerk - Needs, Wants and Lies
Kloe - Feel
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Next up a normal show.  Probably in a couple of days.