Fried Gold Music Episode 66

March 23rd, 2016

New show!  I mistakenly thought I was recording episode 67 while doing this so take that in to account when I say there are 3 more shows to go (under this name).  There still are, but we're finishing on episode 68 before change is a-coming.  Time is short for me so here's the play list:

Only Shadows - Be Still
Elephant Stone - Andromeda
Skellums - art Of Dying Young
Monday Blackbirds - Bang Bang
Beta Rob - I'll Assume
Bigg - Man Overboard
Roman Nose - Bloodstains
Frank Turner - Old Flames
Grimes - Kill Vs Maim
The Hotspur Press - All You Know
Deepshade - Time
Elessar - Goodwill
The Carnabys - Peaches And Bleach
James Holt - Sanguine On The Rocks

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