Fried Gold Music Episode 61

February 1st, 2016

New show!  Recorded this one a week ago and in the intervening time the world didn't end so here it is for you now.  Featuring:

Black International - A Gilded Palace
Franz Nicolay - Springtime
Edward In Venice - Smokin' Vehicles
Guts - Go To Sleep
Del Lago - Total Recoil
Matthew Mayfield - On Your Knees
The Minerals - Ball of String
Adam Stafford - Athiest Money
Membranes - Do The Supernova
Luther Dickinson - Moonshine
Secret Nation - You Are Mine
Call It Off - Forward or Crazy
Billy Liar - No Cigarettes
Zerbin - Worlds On Fire
The world isn't on fire, but it is windy as hell. Time for me to follow Guts advice and go to sleep.  While I do that please sponsor my mum, like the page and subscribe then tell all of your mates about the show
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