Fried Gold Music Episode 64

February 23rd, 2016

New computer, new show, new music, same old host. Featuring:

The Prettiots - Move To LA
Seprona - Trap Door
Abel Raise The Cain - Million Dollar Night
Spring King - Rectifier
Sera - Creative Side
Parquet Courts - Dust
Iona Fyfe - Pride of Aberdeen
Alabama Shakes - Give Me All Your Love
Matthew Logan Vasquez - Personal
Liberty Ship - Learning To Fly
John Parry - Enough
Across All Oceans - Everywhere But Home
Colt 45 - All Hell Broke Loose
Wendell Borton - The Worst
Deerhunter - All The Same
The Murderburgers - All My Best Friends Are Dying
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Fried Gold Music Episode 63

February 15th, 2016

Probably the last show to be uploaded.....on this here PC.  Too tired for wittier banter, here's what I recorded a week ago.  Featuring:

Kurt Vile - Lost My Head There
Officers - Attack
Ekranoplan 4 - Keep The Lights On
Empress Of - How Do You Do It
Morphine Pilgrims - Domestic Life
HAARM - Foxglove
Mesa Cosa - Satanas!
Beirut - Perth
The Prettiots - Boys (That I Dated In High School)
Kids On Bridges - Something In The Water
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man - Past Lives Of Saints
Light Years - Temporary
Clean Cut Kid - Pick Me Up
Ducking Punches - God Damn Coward
The Jade Assembly - Nothing Changes
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Fried Gold Music Episode 62

February 9th, 2016

Day late but explained in the show.  Featuring:

Mike TV - Myoclonic Jerk
The Priceduifkes - Getwood City
Partisan - Two Lovers
Nish Goyal - In Our Parent's Eyes
Daughter - How
The Senton Bombs - Trailblazer
Your Illuminations - Hey Scarlet
Note To Amy - Strummer = Death
Drew Worthley - Bone China Saviour
Elephant Stone - Where I'm Going
Fizzy Blood - Sweat And Sulphur
The Kimberly Steaks - Chemical Imbalance
Pet Sounds - Touch Me I'm Sick
Melophobia - Paralyse
The Fur Coats - Short BRain
Lunar Boys - I Can't Sleep
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Fried Gold Music Episode 61

February 1st, 2016

New show!  Recorded this one a week ago and in the intervening time the world didn't end so here it is for you now.  Featuring:

Black International - A Gilded Palace
Franz Nicolay - Springtime
Edward In Venice - Smokin' Vehicles
Guts - Go To Sleep
Del Lago - Total Recoil
Matthew Mayfield - On Your Knees
The Minerals - Ball of String
Adam Stafford - Athiest Money
Membranes - Do The Supernova
Luther Dickinson - Moonshine
Secret Nation - You Are Mine
Call It Off - Forward or Crazy
Billy Liar - No Cigarettes
Zerbin - Worlds On Fire
The world isn't on fire, but it is windy as hell. Time for me to follow Guts advice and go to sleep.  While I do that please sponsor my mum, like the page and subscribe then tell all of your mates about the show
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