Fried Gold Music Episode 60

January 25th, 2016

The run continues!  And next weeks is in the bag too.  Some of the tunes in this and upcoming episodes come from Wolf Mask's Creep Comp! so if you want to skip ahead then head on over to that link to get the whole danged thing.  Plenty of other stuff too though, here's what's in this one:

Bullet Height - Bastion
Callsign - Princess
Brownbear - Wandering Eyes
My Cruel Goro - Lost E
Skaciety - Step Back (Take A Look Around)
Get It Together - Hole In The Head
Andrew Cream - Celebrate Variety *sorry for fucking up and saying celebrity, I'm a fanny
Dead Giveaway - Prodigy
Bootscraper - Captain Gin Vs The Victory Gin
The Beautiful Game - These Four Walls
Judah And The Lion - Water
Ethan Luck - Leave You Behind
Eons Away - Swell
Mellor - Win Me Over
Tyson Motsenbocker - I Still Have To Go
Come back next week for more of the same but different
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Fried Gold Music Episode 59

January 19th, 2016

SO I totally messed up on a band name in here and have replaced that bit of the podcast with some dodgy editing.  Sorry that band, won't say who you'll have to listen to find out!  Ironically one of my favourite tracks in the show...  Anyway it's one of these:

Wild Child - Bullets
Delta Spirit - The Wolf
A Band Called Quinn - From The Gutter
Marty O'Reilly And The Old Soul Orchestra - The Captain's Daughter
Farmdale - Mine All Mine
Shovels And Rope - Swimmin' Time
Jesse Payne - Ulysses
Natasha Jolene - Skins
Paper Aeroplanes - Red Rover
Kaleo - All The Pretty Girls
Thatcher - Close
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Fried Gold Music Episode 58

January 12th, 2016

New show!  A day late as the thin white duke returned to wherever he came from so I figured people had better things to listen to yesterday.  Featuring:

Mike Wilson - Drink The Wine
Hudson Freeman - Nonetheless
Sego - Full Around
Syd Barrett - Octupus
The Hamiltons - Paranoid
Practical Lovers - Inside Job
Alistair James - Have You Ever Been Low
Louis Abbott and Jo Mango - Loneliness And Rhythm
Steep Canyon Rangers - Stand And Deliver
Fizzy Blood - I'm No Good
Nishe - Want It Back
The Duke Of Norfolk - Anthemoessa
Seth Timbs - Fill It Up
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Fried Gold Music Episode 57

January 4th, 2016

We're back!  Well, I'm back.  There's no we but its an automatic thing for me so.....that's the way it is.  Featuring:

The Lamplighters - Basement
Smokey Bastard - Baba Yaga
I Set The Sea On Fire - Tastes Like Funk
Savages - TIWYG
Beaumont - Boys and Girls
KLOE - Touch
Campbell L Sangster - Odds Are Stacked
Rah Rah - Diamond
El Vy - Need A Friend
Millie Manders - Teddy
Best Girl Athlete - Poppy (Live at North Hop)
Oranj Son - Psycho Disco Face
The Mystic Shoes - Funky Town
As mentioned in the show this one is dedicated to Michelle Campbell
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