Fried Gold Music Episode 56

September 21st, 2015

Oink oink oink SQUEE #topical:

Rag N' Bone Man - Wolves
Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon
The Jackals - Ghost Soul Traffic
El Vy - Return To The Moon
Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts - Outta Town
Nicky Aiken - Think About You (live at North Hop)
Andrew R Burns and the Tropicanas - Pop Snuff-It
Damn Vandals - I Hate School
The Peach Kings - Mojo Thunder
Calming River - Art Of Wire
Darlingside - The Ancestor
Bud Sugar - Blinkin Thinkin
Paper Compass - Carolina
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Fried Gold Music Episode 55

September 8th, 2015


Northern Uproar - Outlaws Robbing Trains
Diamond Days - Love Struck Kids
The Prettiots - Suicide Hotline
New York Tourists - Call
All Hat No Cat - Duck Street
Katie Mac - Minutes Into Hours
Tymon Dogg - Like I Used To Be
Margaret Finlayson - By My Side (Live at North Hop)
Angeline - Black Butterflies
Allusondrugs - Magic College
Beirut - Gibraltar
Alphabet Backwards - Trips
Autopsy Boys - Song For Debbera
Best Girl Athlete - Seven Seconds
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