Fried Gold Music Episode 43

April 18th, 2015

Oh dear, massive gap there.  Sorry folks!  On the plus side, cracking tunes:

Holocene- Teenage Love
Public Service Broadcasting - Go!
Sleepmakeswaves- Something Like Avalanches
Alasca- In Media Res
Thirty Pounds of Bone - All Your Sons
Cartesian Jetstream - Transparent Eyelids
The Reveurs - Take A Bow
Slow Readers Club - I Saw A Ghost
Trapped Mice - When I Sleep
Purity Ring - Bodyache
Go Satta - Caramel
Malka - A Flock Of Crows
Breakfast Monkey - Do Not Listen
And a soupcon of Spring Break - The Slouch  Get the whole thing by going here
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