Fried Gold Music Episode 41

February 23rd, 2015

New show time!  Featuring:

James Brown Is Anne - Ask Your Doctor
AJ Unity feat Ryoma - Kaguya
Mann Friday - Say Yeah!
Little Lapin - Over The Draft
Milo's Planes - Other Attributes
Officer- The Waters
Frances - A Million Lines
Silver Coast- Hold On
Belle And Sebastian - Nobody's Empire
Duelectrum- She Doesn't Feel The Sun
Jennie Abrahamson- Wolf
Summer Heart - I Wanna Go
Matinee- These Days

Back in a week.  If you'd like to be in a future show then email friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com and I'll get to you eventually (might be a while though so don't panic)

Fried Gold Music Episode 40

February 17th, 2015

New show!  Featuring:

Faerground Accidents - She Makes Me Want To Die
Hillstrom and Billy - The Arising
The Phantoms - Wasting Time
Tobias Jesso Jr - How Could You Babe
Josephine Sillars - February Has A Smoking Problem
SOAK- Sea Creatures
Vienna Ditto - Hammer And A Nail
Houndmouth- Sedona
Peur- Hollow Skies
Novacrow- Fight The Horde
Michael Malarkey - Everything's Burned
Jungle- Julia
Pikara- The Mourner Of Peace
Should see the state of my inboxes just now....  Don't let that put you off though, I will get to you eventually if you want to be on.  Just email friedgoldmusic at gmail dot com