Fried Gold Music Episode 33

November 30th, 2014

Finally, the last of the catch up.  Featuring:

Streets Of Laredo - Homeless
Grace London - Eyes
Glass Oaks - Dim Coal Night
Matuto - Ivory Coast
River / Saint - Kings Canyon
Adam Sams - Progress
The Suitcase Junket - Radio Flyer
The Hello Strangers - What You Don't Know
Radical Face - Night Clothes
Savannah - Sunburn
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Fried Gold Music Episode 32

November 30th, 2014

Penultimate episode of uploadfest 2014.  Featuring:

Get Set Go - A Prayer To Doctor Who
Tyler Sjostrom - Red River
The Weekend People - Stolen Cars
Bear's Den - Above The Clouds Of Pompeii
Death On Two Wheels - Blamed Your Friends
Greylag- Yours To Shake
Abigail York - Strong And Steady
Robbie Santis - The Other Side
Go Nogo - And The Devil Too
Hollow Wood - Seasons
Wild Child - Cocaine Hurricane
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Fried Gold Music Episode 31

November 30th, 2014

The upload fest continues.  This episode features:

Klozapin- Hivemind
Morning Smoke - Hunger
Olos- Feels Like Jimi
The Actions - The Echo
The Decemberists - Make You Better
The New Southern Electrikk - Mother Of Earth
Belle And Sebastian - The Party Line
Desert Ships - Skyliner
Jordan Klassen - Firing Squad
The Little Kicks - The First Place
Lionel- Over And Over
Half way through the backlog so only two more to go and then we can get back to some kind of schedule

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Fried Gold Music Episode 30

November 30th, 2014

Second show in an hour so if you're listening to the first one you won't have finished yet!  Anyway, this is what's waiting for you:

Lily And Madeline - Rabbit
July Days - Sinner
Seb Stone - Roads
The House United - Who Am I
Close Talker - For The Sun
Silhouettes- Sacrifice
Emily Wolfe - Swoon
Eoin Glackin - Rain Finally Came
Kevin William- Hoax
Hunck- Something Missing
Chelou- The Quiet Final
The New Pornographers - Dancehall Domine
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Fried Gold Music Episode 29

November 30th, 2014

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on uploads so 5 of these bad boys will be getting fired up in short order.  In case of this happening again remember you can listen "live" on between 6 and 7pm on a Monday.  This show features:

Hayden Calnin - Comatose 
Ariel Pink - Black Ballerina 
Rivertairs- Rivertairs - Jack 
Allusondrugs - Should Have Gone to Uni 
Chirping- Ambitions
Kicking Harold - KILL YOU
The Slow Readers Club- Forever in Your Debt 
Lo-Fang - Youre The One That I Want 
Searching For Donkeys - Festival Tune 
The Art of Amputation - Distorted Pop Song
The Son(s) - On The Forth We Float
Tune-Yards - Real Thing
The Talks - Fire
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