Fried Gold Music Episode 23

July 4th, 2014

Super tired Dave is super tired!  There's a semi decent chance that could happen every other show....  Beyond the zombie host, this features:

Eurielle - Carry Me
Mountain Bird - Cosmos
Warpaint- Keep It Healthy
Alan Smithee - Sonic
Mark McCabe - Being Lost Presents You With A Better Chance To Be Found
The Cavaliers - Down The Drain
Halo Tora - Under The Surface (The Eagle, 4th July)
The Future Capital - Misery Face And The Knife Artist (The Eagle, 5th July)
Urang Matang - Buddha Billy (Mad Hatters, 5th July)
Flood Of Red- Lashes (Mad Hatters, 6th July)
Wild Child - I'll Figure You Out (King Tuts, later in the year)
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